Are you a commercial property owner whose tenants are behind on rent from the impact of COVID-19? As commercial property owners ourselves, we understand the problems you face. Many businesses will fail due to the lasting effects of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders, leaving you with back rent due. With eviction moratoriums in place, the threats of Senate Bill 939 looming, and the sanctity of contracts threatened, being an owner can keep you up at night. Now is the time to start planning.  This podcast is a rebroadcast of our successful webinar from June 5, 2020 called “Landlords and COVID-19—Getting Tenants Caught Up on Rent.” You can learn about the paths to solving these issues.

You can also find the video version of this podcast, transcript, and other material on our website at You can also learn about other webinars we have done and find recordings of past webinars on important real estate law topics for investors, landlords, and syndicators.

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